Support Our Redeemer By Simply Being a Thrivent Customer

Thrivent encourages people to live generously. One of the ways that Thrivent helps people support churches like Our Redeemer is through the use of action Grants. Most Thrivent products that are purchased allow for the customer (you) to direct up to $500 in two separate grants to volunteer activities you support or participate in.

How does it work?

1.) Get your login information for your online Thrivent account.

If you do not know your user account or your password you can contact Thrivent and get started with a short 5 minute phone call to (800)847-4836

2.) Talk to a ministry director and explore the ministry opportunities that can be supported through a Thrivent grant.

Prior to applying for a grant a ministry director can help you describe the ministry opportunity so you can efficiently apply for the grant.

3.) Login to your Thrivent account and begin the 5 minute process for applying for your action grant.

The button below takes you to the Thrivent Application page to start. Scroll down and select the apply button to begin. Thank you for taking the time to help support the ministry work being done at Our Redeemer. Your participation means a great deal to building events and moments where people can experience the transformational change that happens when Christ is present in life together. This effort will be completely worth it.