The Family of Our Redeemer Lutheran School

Do you want your child immersed in a culture where learning isn’t just a curriculum?

Families at Our Redeemer experience the benefits of an education immersed in life with Christ.

At Our Redeemer Lutheran School your child will benefit from a curriculum immersed in life with Christ.

A safe place for young children to discover life’s purpose.

We are a safe community for children to discover life’s purpose.

  • Spiritual development and faith formation
  • STEM programs to explore gifts in science technology engineering and math Award winning STEM programs
  • Social experiences such as tournaments/lego league Social opportunities including tournaments and Lego League
  • Athletic experiences for all seasons. Year-round athletics

A place built and supported by generous and caring people.

A community built and supported by generous and caring people.

  • Active and involved people who value educating young children. Active, involved stakeholders who value quality education
  • Annual events where kids are encouraged to express their generosity through action and other ways. Regular opportunities for children to actively express their generosity
  • Celebrated life with families serving together. Life is celebrated as a community

A place that families gather to hear the truth and grow together spiritually.

An environment centered on the truth and spiritual growth

  • Dads connect and grow relationships with their children Dads connect and strengthen parent/child relationships
  • Moms gather frequently to share life together Moms regularly share life together
  • Bible Studies and extracurricular opportunities for families to grow Bible studies and social events encourage family growth

Come see how our school makes the disciples that make change in the world! Ask us about

How we help children discover their path in life?

Visit our campus to see disciples in the making learn to change the world

What are the ways we help build spiritual discipline for life?

Our students build life-long spiritual discipline

How are children encouraged to care for themselves but think about others? Our students are encouraged to care for themselves and others

What makes families feel safe about being in our school community? Our school is a safe community

How do we set and exceed learning standards? We set and exceed learning standards

What does it look like to partner with Our Redeemer to educate your child? Parents and faculty partner in educating your child

Why do we believe life in Christ is a super power for academics and learning? We believe life in Christ is a super power for academic learning


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