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Thank you for all you do to help advance Our Redeemer’s mission, vision, and values. We are always considering ways to introduce Jesus and invite more people into worship with us. Google reviews are an excellent way to spread the word!

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Detailed Examples

Our Redeemer has a passion for ensuring that what it teaches is true to what the Bible teaches. The church is a confessional Lutheran Church of the Missouri Synod. In your own words, describe how Our Redeemer cares for the written Word of God in its worship and teachings.

1. From Pastor’s daily online devotions to weekend worship services, Bible studies and school education, the Bible is the gold standard of education at Our Redeemer. Scripture is quoted directly, not paraphrased or abbreviated.  

2. I’m the type of person that loves to first explore what I believe and then once I’ve wrestled with something, look at the Bible and make sure I’ve lined up with it. Our Redeemer stays true to the Bible and has a deep understanding of it means.   

3. Our Redeemer’s pastors deliver messages that apply to daily life, making my week more manageable. I don’t always understand some Bible passages and our sermons help me better hear God’s message. 

Our Redeemer believes that discipleship is active and carries the work of the Holy Spirit with it. How has your participation at Our Redeemer changed the way you go about various activities in your life, from relationships with your spouse and others, to parenting, work and life planning.

1. The opportunity to participate in a small group Bible study at Our Redeemer has changed my faith walk. Being in the Bible daily has offered me a solid foundation and perspective not found anywhere else. Sharing insights and experiences with those in my small group and being mentored by those with more life experience have given me strength for life’s journey. Through mountain top experiences as well as sorrow, Bible study has prepared me for unexpected life challenges.  

2. I’ve been on again off again with church because it seemed like a chore. With my young family and work, Our Redeemer’s helped me recognize my priorities and how a disciple of Jesus can go about life.   

Our Redeemer has a desire to relate to the surrounding community and the world so that they might hear the message of the Gospel through us. While times change, styles change, and communities change, God is ever loving and unchanging and His message is always true and styles. What do you see happening at Our Redeemer that makes us relevant to people in our surrounding community who have not experienced Christ?

1. The GriefShare and DivorceCare programs offered at Our Redeemer have served as incredible sources of strength and comfort as I navigate life’s challenges. Both those leading the programs as well as those benefiting from the programs are welcoming, encouraging, and give me a safe place to work on healing.  

2. I know if I died tomorrow Christ would welcome me. Our Redeemer has some really good messages that remind me that I’m not here to be saved, rather I’m here to share the love of the Savior with those in my life.  

In what ways has Our Redeemer and its community brought you into a living and transformational relationship with Christ?

1. Our Redeemer’s front lawn is the place to be! From Flannel & Fire Pits in February to summer Gemuetlichkeit with food and beverage trucks to Pumpkin Patch and Fall Fest, I’ve enjoyed getting to know the people of OR and community members in a relaxed environment. The care and enthusiasm at Our Redeemer are inspiring 

2. Our Redeemer does a good job of balancing the importance of worship and the spiritual growth, but also realizing that relating to the world isn’t just some new bible study. Some really enjoyable opportunities to meet new people and enjoy life. The front lawn life is great! 

Describe some of the enjoyable experiences that you’ve had in ways that brought you closer to Jesus because of what other disciples were doing.

1. My faith walk has grown stronger because of the family of Our Redeemer, and I’ve left behind some bad habits. Not only do those around me exemplify the Christian lifestyle, their compassion, openness, and encouragement is inspiring.  

2. I’ve always been a “Christian,” but I hadn’t really understood what that even meant. I had been really frustrated about life and somewhat angry with God. I needed place where I could hear something real and know that I wasn’t less of a Christian for being frustrated with God. Our Redeemer gives some need to hear messages about the brokenness in the world and love of Jesus.  

As a young family, it can be difficult to explore faith together and often might be a difficult conversation in your own home. Can you share how being a part of Our Redeemer has helped grow the faith of your home and create deeper conversations and relationships as a result?

1. The annual Angel Tree at Our Redeemer has inspired me and my family to contribute both our money and time to an area homeless shelter. We partnered with others from OR after delivering the Christmas gifts to Angel Tree recipients last year and decided to continue our work throughout the year for those in need.  

2. For years I attended men’s Monday night basketball.  I didn’t know many of them, but what was cool was sitting around afterward and talking.  Just sitting there hearing someone talk about life and joke around in a caring way was refreshing. I was sore for the next three days, but genuine fellowship was appreciated.  

How has Our Redeemer impacted your discipleship (faith) walk or your family’s discipleship (faith) walk?

1. My children are enthralled by Bible stories shared during their school day, frequently bringing the stories home to discuss during dinner. It is enlightening to hear their fresh perspective on God’s ancient Word. It’s also not unusual to hear my kindergartner reciting my second grader’s weekly memory verses!      

2. I know my wife and I are in for a good cup of coffee after we’ve heard a message. Great spiritual leadership on staff and the pastors are well trained and knowledgeable on the Bible. 

If someone asks you where you go to church/school and then they ask you “why do you go there?” what story (ies) would you/do share to communicate your experience at Our Redeemer?

1. Our Redeemer Lutheran School has played an active role in the discipleship of both myself and my children. From early childhood through eighth grade, the academic standards dovetail perfectly with Our Redeemer’s mission of active discipleship through sharing Christ’s love. 

2. Our Redeemer is truly a community that lives outside the walls of its building. I especially enjoy the summer gemuchlichkeit (beer garden) events on Our Redeemer’s front lawn. The inclusion of children in t-ball and the opportunity to connect with friends and neighbors is a fun way to spend a summer evening. 

3. Our Redeemer has been great for my young family. There are so many young families to connect with and they are committed to surrounding the school and the youth with activities for the kids.   

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