Front Lawn Celebration

It’s finally summer and we’re ready to celebrate!

Neighbors and Friends…bring your shorts and sunglasses and join us on our front lawn this Sunday! 

SUNDAY, MAY 23  |  10AM to 1:30PM

Our Redeemer Lutheran  |  Wauwatosa

Midwest Smoke Ain’t No Joke!
Featuring Midwest BBQ meats cooked low and slow, sides and handmade sauces.

Artfully (and scientifically) made craft beer, created with only the most essential ingredients – the “components” of a greater good!

Steadfast began it’s journey late in 2014 and is committed to serving God and others through sharing today’s contemporary Christian music.

Spend some time on the front lawn, meeting new friends or reconnecting, and help us to celebrate the hope we have in Christ along with the arrival of summer. Bring your friends, family, or that neighbor you’ve been wanting to get to know!

As a congregation, the family of Our Redeemer Lutheran aims to live out our faith in ways that change the world by the power of the Holy Spirit. We choose to be a congregation that lives outside our church walls having been encouraged and seeing the truth that is salvation through Christ alone.  Because of Him, you belong!